We couldn’t resist…

These super soft flats from New Zealand brand Briarwood, come in an array of candy colours.

We couldn’t resist the Palmer flats in both Melon and Fuchsia.


Mr. Style: David Gandy

You’ve probably seen David Gandy in fashion campaigns and editorials but may not have known his name. He is one of the highest earning male models of 2013, with a fresh look which is more mature and distinguished than the average male model. We feel his British heritage is reflected in his sartorial choices, often a classic three-piece suit. Enjoy!

Image sources: Harpersbazaar.co.uk and David James Gandy facebook page.


Online shopping can be quite overwhelming for many. To start with there are so many different websites to choose from!  Once you’ve chosen a website to browse, a lot of time may be spent scanning the categories of clothes, bags, shoes…looking for something to catch your eye.  To ensure you use your online shopping time efficiently and with optimal results (great new affordable purchases), we would like to introduce you to JOIE!


JOIE is a US brand of women’s clothing and accessories that is no-fuss and great to wear at the weekend. It may sound a tad cliché but if you want to be comfortable relaxing in your abode, and still look chic when you pop out for brunch or to run errands then this label is for you! Also be sure to check out the brand’s dresses which can be worn during the work week and for evening.

If your current staples come from Australasian chain stores like Country Road and Witchery then we would highly recommend throwing some JOIE items into the mix.

You can purchase directly from JOIE’s online store which was introduced last year and ships internationally (including Australia and New Zealand). While you are adding items to your online shopping bag why not check out their lovely blog, which features great ways to style their clothes and accessories. Alternatively you can visit shopbop.com which stocks a selection of JOIE items.

The only difficulty with this brand will be restraining yourself from purchasing sweater after sweater…and that chic new spring dress.

Here are more of our picks from JOIE:






This is not a review, just our musings on a silly show we love!

We first discovered this British ‘reality’ TV show last year when we were travelling abroad and actually staying in England. Since then it has become one of our favourite guilty pleasures!

Made in Chelsea has become quite the success with five seasons having already aired and been released on DVD, and season 6 is set to premiere later this month in the UK.

The premise of the show is following a group of privileged young Brits who live extravagant lifestyles. Although the show and the storylines are probably more staged than reality, we think its fair to say the young Chelsea stars are quite wealthy, and their profiles have certainly been raised by the success of the show.

Without delving into the storylines, which are usually centred on drama involving friendships and relationships, there are other aspects of the show that we and other Made in Chelsea fans particularly enjoy.

We appreciate Made in Chelsea’s high production values (compared to other reality shows) and lovely cinematography. The scenery shots are particularly beautiful, and showcase London on only its sunny, glistening days.

Many of the scenes are shot at local cafes, restaurants and bars. Bluebird Chelsea and Beach Blanket Babylon are regular fixtures. The characters sip on alcoholic beverages in every other scene (no matter the time of day), with such scenes always preceded by a close up shot of the drinks being prepared.

Bluebird Chelsea


Beach Blanket Babylon


The show has managed to hold onto most of its core cast members who include: Spencer, Jamie, Proudlock, Francis, Binky, Louise, Rosie, Cheska, and the more recent additions Andy, Stevie and Lucy.

From left: Lucy Watson, Binky Felstead and Andy Jordan

A few of the cast members we particularly enjoy are:

Jamie Laing who first appeared in the second season and loves life and brings a positive energy to most scenes he is in. Although he parties hard he comes across as very endearing compared to his friends on the show (namely Spencer Matthews). Jamie’s great-great grandfather created the McVitie’s digestive biscuit.

Francis Boulle has created a unique persona that we like to think is based on his own personality. He is more mature than the rest and usually has something insightful to say. He is also endlessly amusing and often downright hilarious. He is potentially quite wealthy as he is often referred to as a “diamond heir”.

Millie Mackintosh has been one of the main cast members since the beginning of the show.  While she was involved in plenty of drama in the earlier seasons, she has quietly become the show’s voice of reason perhaps because of her stable personal life. While not featured on the show, Millie married rapper and entrepreneur Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) last month and will sadly not be returning for the new season. But this doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to Millie as she has her own website millie-mackintosh.com which features her love of make-up and a style diary documenting her everyday outfits.

Hugo Taylor left the show after the first three seasons however he has recently hinted at a return to the show along with girlfriend Natalie (who we were introduced to in season 3). Hugo recently launched the sophisticated, higher-end sunglasses  line Taylor Morris which is stocked at Harvey Nichols.

 From left: Hugo Taylor and business partner Charlie Morris

 Hugo Taylor and girlfriend Natalie Joel

If you are keen to immerse yourself in the world of Made in Chelsea you can catch up on the first five seasons on DVD available to buy on amazon.

Enjoy (and you’d best cancel your plans for the next month)!

xx NooNoo & MiMi

Image Sources (from top to bottom): BluebirdChelseaBeachBlanketBabylon, Instagram.com/imlucywatson, Graziadaily.co.uk, Mydaily.co.uk, Millie-Mackintosh.com, TaylorMorris Eyewear, and Hello Magazine.com.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I was recently in Amsterdam for a weekend and thought I would share my finds with you.


First stop after checking into my hotel was the Rijksmuseum. This is a beautiful museum which spans 1100-2000 AD.

Dinner was at Red where you can choose from steak or lobster. I had surf and turf which was absolutely delicious. After dinner I tried the popular drink Mint Tea, which is plenty of fresh mint in a glass of hot water with a pot of honey on the side, which you can add to your liking. It is a brilliant digestif!


I had eggs benedict (served on brioche) at Café George. The cafe has a cool but relaxed atmosphere to get your weekend off to the right start.

Brunch was followed a by a walk along the canals, stopping in boutiques along the way, particularly in the 9 Streets area.

Maison Rika is a boutique hotel with a shop on the ground floor selling a variety of fashion accessories including gorgeous leather goods coloured with natural dyes. I picked up a little something up for NooNoo here.

Pretty Rings is a treasure trove of rings set with stones in a rainbow of colours, I had about ten on one hand trying to decide which colour I liked best. I challenge you to pop in and not leave with something!

I had to stop at Winkel 43 in the Jordaan area for their amazing fresh homemade apple pie (and a mint tea of course) to fortify me for the rest of my walk.

Dinner was at Het Bosch, a stunning restaurant on the waterfront. We had the Chef’s Menu (which changes weekly) of five courses, and each was delectable. The staff were particularly good and there was a DJ spinning tracks which kept the vibe mellow.


I went straight to the Van Gogh Museum to avoid the queues. It was a real treat to see so many works by the same artist in one place.

Then it was off to the airport as my weekend away had come to an end.

xx MiMi